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She-Hulk Episode 4: If you read me three weeks ago, you'll know that, to my own astonishment, I received 'She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk' quite enthusiastically. The new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Disney + reconciled me with the macro project of The house of ideas, craving a breath of fresh air and lightness between the narrative and conceptual rehashes that are marking most of Phase 4.

This idyll lasted for two episodes, but in the third, as the song said, "we broke our love from using it so much". Almost suddenly, Jessica Gao's production deflated, plummeting her comedy level and seeing a stagnant narrative that didn't seem to move as smoothly as it should.

Unfortunately, with the fourth chapter, titled 'Isn't this real magic?' things have not improved at all; repeating the errors of her predecessor and aggravating them due to the repetition in 25 minutes of pure and simple content in which the horizontal plot refuses to evolve until the last minute —literally— and that gives way to unexpected boredom.

After apparently closing the arc related to Emil Blonsky —aka Abomination—, 'She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka' wipes the slate clean and dedicates its first minutes to presenting a new case that, although it seems impossible, manages to take the levels of ridicule – not hilarity – even further after the lawsuit of the Asgardian impersonator of identities last Thursday.

She-Hulk Episode 4

This time, Wong returns to the fore, this time as a client of Jen Walters, to get a former Kamar-Taj student magician to stop using his powers in his shows of dubious quality and reputation. A subplot that, among other things, leads to a judicial scene to be forgotten, to the incorporation of secondary characters that are more irritating than funny, and to a set-piece devoid of emotion due to the lack of risk involved and that seems more like a procedure than another thing.

In parallel, the second subplot of the episode starts with Jen creating a profile on a dating app; a tremendously juicy premise that gains ground when, after the usual disappointment, our protagonist is encouraged to create a new account as her alter-ego, making the number of "matches" obtained grow at full speed and, consequently, the opportunities to find your better half.

Of course, every date of hers ends up being a bunch of downright jerks, but when she seems all lost, a tough, listening, and detail-oriented pediatric oncologist makes an appearance. But, of course, the prototype of the ideal man also turns out to be a jerk when he sees Jen and not She-Hulk in the morning after what we suspect was a night of madness and passion.

Foreseeable? Yes. Bored? Also. Not because of the anodyne nature of the staging, editing and exchange of dialogues —which seem to have lost the agility of the beginning of the series—, but because of the accumulation of clich├ęs that flood the story and that, regretting it very much, no matter how much let the fourth wall be broken by playing self-awareness, they don't become just another gag.

She-Hulk Episode 4

Having said all this, you may be wondering: But, Victor, what about the horizontal plot? Well, after getting rid of last week's incident in which a group of assailants tried to draw blood from lawyer Walters, the chapter stalls to, at the last moment, recover Jameela Jamil's Titania —you had probably already forgotten her—, which denounces She-Hulk for using the registered name of She-Hulk. What a twist!

Hope is the only thing lost, and there are still five — which is said soon — episodes of 'She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka' ahead. Let's hope they get their act together and start telling us something with more substance and that they take advantage of the character of the sexy oncologist as a resource to continue the story about the coveted superheroine blood. Although, at this point, about Chekhov's pistol doesn't seem to matter to anyone anymore.

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