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Megastar Chiranjeevi's latest movie is 'Godfather Movie'. Dussehra has hit the theaters as a gift. How is this movie? What changes did Mohanlal make in the story of 'Lucifer'? What are the characters of Nayanthara, Satyadev, and Salman Khan? Another success added to Megastar's account? Or? (Chiranjeevi Godfather Review)

Story (Godfather Movie Story): After the sudden death of Chief Minister PKR, his son-in-law Jaydev (Satyadev) starts trying to become CM. Before becoming CM, he sets up a deal with the drug mafia for money. He says that he will allow the sale of drugs in the state. Brahma (Chiranjeevi) thwarts Jayadev's efforts. 

Why doesn't he fall for PKR's eldest daughter, Jaydev's wife Satya Priya (Nayanthara)? What is the quarrel between them? What did Brahma do to prevent the PKR party, the post of Chief Minister, and the state from going into the hands of Jayadev? Who is international don Abraham Qureshi wanted by Interpol? Finally, what happened? is a movie.


Analysis (Godfather Telugu Movie Review): There are two types of audiences who go to theaters to watch 'Godfather'. One... Those who have already seen 'Lucifer'. Two... those who haven't seen the movie.

Those who have seen 'Lucifer' know the story, twists and turns in the story to some extent. Why it has to be said that to some extent... some characters of 'Lucifer' were removed in 'Godfather'. New characters appear. Above all, a change was made in the birth of the hero character. Instead of copying and pasting the story and scenes in the Malayalam movie, many changes have been made. 

Major changes have not been made in important aspects. The hero characterization has been changed to Masi. However, director Mohan Raja, writers, and producers should be commended for making those changes without spoiling the soul of the story at all. However, some scenes and dialogues have been followed as they are.

Those who haven't seen 'Lucifer' will like 'Godfather Movierulz'. No doubt about that! From the first frame to the last frame, the megastar's mass mannerisms, that aura continued. Taman's background music is more amazing than the songs. His re-recording of Chiranjeevi's scenes elevate the heroism. The songs are soso. Used in 'Najabhaja Jajara' fight re-recording. The climax should have been more effective. That climax week seems to be the heroism shown till then.

The emotional scene between Chiranjeevi and Nayanthara is well done. It can be said that it is well shot compared to Malayalam cinema. The changes made in Sunil's character are good. Nirav Shah's cinematography is good. Lakshmi Bhupal's dialogues are whistled by mega fans. In some scenes, the dialogues are applicable to current politics.


How did the actors do? : Salt and pepper look suits Chiranjeevi. Macy looked classy at the same time. Some scenes were settled. But... there is heroism in them too. For example... the hero's introduction scene! It will give fans goosebumps while watching it on the silver screen. As Chiranjeevi's sister, Nayanthara brought a sense of humor to the role. In terms of character, Satyadev acted brilliantly. Once again he got voice plus. 

Satyadev gave a good performance in the combination scenes with Chiranjeevi. It is not a common thing to act in front of a megastar. What is Chiranjeevi's brave villain Satyadev at the beginning of the movie? Even though... when it finally comes, that doubt will not come. Murali Sharma, Sunil, Brahmaji, Tanya Ravichandran, Anasuya, Bharat Reddy, Samudrakhani, Getap Sheenu, and others have acted in a range of roles.

Last but not least... Bollywood star hero Salman Khan, who flashed before the interval and came back in the famous scenes, made a noise for a while. His screen presence is good.

What is the final say? : Megastar Mass Feast 'Godfather'. Mohan Raja has made a movie with dialogues, fights, and mass moments that mega fans want. He will satisfy the theatergoers for Chiranjeevi. Megastar once again entertains with his unique style of acting and dialogue delivery. 

For those who have seen 'Lucifer'... the changes in the story and the behavior of the characters will surprise you. It seems that a lot of changes have been made in the remake. If the film follows the story of 'Lucifer'... 'Godfather' is a commercial film based on the image of the hero. Some dialogues in particular will explode in theatres.

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