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Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda Movierulz Review: Potluri Prasad and Dil Raju remade the Tamil movie 'O My Kadavule' two years ago in Telugu with the title 'Ori Devuda!' In this movie starring Vishvak Sen as the hero, Victory Venkatesh made a guest appearance as Dev. Aswath Marimuthu, who directed the Tamil Matruka, directed the Telugu version as well. And let's find out whether this romantic entertainer has reached the target audience.

Arjun (Vishwak Sen), Mani (Venkatesh Kakumanu), and Anu (Mithila Parker) are schoolmates. Arjun, who got his engineering degree a little later than Anu and Mani, gives them a party in a pub one night. On that occasion, he says that he does not want to marry a girl he does not know face to face. Immediately Anu asks, 'Will you marry me?' As he has no reason to reject her proposal, he agrees to the marriage. Arjun and Anu get married with the consent of the elders. 

But even after a year, both of them will step into the family court for divers. Why can't these two friends from childhood understand each other? How is Arjun's married life spoiled by the entry of Meera (Asha Bhatt), a senior schoolmate? Why is Arjun angry with his father-in-law who not only married his daughter but also gave him a job? What kind of help did God give to Arjun in this whole affair without asking? That is the rest of the story.

We have seen in many movies that when a man is in trouble, he blames God, and at that time he helps him directly or indirectly with some compassion. This is such a story. This story revolves around how God helped Arjun who was suffering from a love marriage without love. The new point in this is to take the hero's life back for a year and start fresh. The Tamil audience was fed up with this. With that, the grandchildren took the remake rights and started the movie.

Ori Devuda

But due to corona in the middle, the completion of the shooting and the release were delayed. Here Vishvak Sen plays the hero role played by Ashok Selvan. If Vijay Sethupathi played the role of God in Tamil, Venkatesh took over the role in Telugu. This movie has already been remade in Kannada as 'Lucky Man'. Puneeth Rajkumar played the God character there. 

The film, which was released after Eethani's death, did not get a positive response there. And when it comes to Telugu cinema... director-cum-actor Tarun Bhaskar, who has been a friend of Vishwak Sen since the beginning of his career, wrote the lyrics for it. Tamil music director Leo James and cameraman Vidhu Aiyan worked on the Telugu version.

Director Aswath Mari Muthu has made his Tamil movie literally in Telugu as well. There... except that the characters have changed here, the names have also been kept the same. In previous movies like this... God enters man's life only in very difficult situations, when an unexpected problem arises, and throws him on the shore. But in this, it was shown that a person came to fix life for some fun. 

God himself as a picture… sends Sahadeva to the court and brings the client to his court of love. He also gives him a boon with some conditions to solve the problem. To Be Frank…. Do not look for logic in such movies. But… if the scenes on the screen mesmerize the audience then it is ok but if it doesn't then there will be a lot of doubts.

Ori Devuda

Even though the hero says that he has no romantic feelings for his wife because she is a childhood friend, we do not see any reasons for him to develop a crush on a senior classmate. The events that led to the divorce of the heroines were not very strong. If the friend is absent when both of them go to court for divorce, I don't understand why the parents are not present. 

Since the people liked it in Tamil, it seems that the director-producers did not think about how to make it better than there, unless there is a feeling of gutteckestam here. So it remains a routine romantic entertainer. The scenes related to Murali Sharma's flashback in the movie are heart-touching.

Vishwak Sen has already played the role of Arjun in the movie 'Ashokavanam Arjun Kalyanam' this year. His character's name is the same in this too! Did we give the same name in Tamil, they gave the same name in Telugu. Vishwak Sen as Arjun acted well. But it is better to reduce excessive, unnecessary laughing and loud talking. As both the heroines are new to Telugu, that freshness was seen on the screen. 

Mithila Parker steals the show as Potti Noodles Papa! Asha Bhatt played Meera's character in a sober manner. Venkatesh Kakumanu fits the role of the hero's friend well. As always, Murali Sharma impresses with his natural acting. Naginidu, and Rajashri Nair as the hero's parents, and Jayalalitha as the judge. Here Puri Jagannath has done the guest role of director Gautham Vasudeva Menon in Tamil. 

And Venkatesh, who gave a special guest appearance, tried to cultivate comedy as Dev. Rahul Ramakrishna acted as Sahadev next to him. Even though these two characters are unique to the movie...compared to God's characters who gave a guest appearance like this in the past...these are not so appealing. The director could not create the vibrations that should be created in the audience when a common man sees God for the first time. 

The songs 'Pathashalalo...' and 'Buzzamma' are good to listen to. Tarun Bhaskar's words and Vidhu's cinematography are well set. Potluri Prasad and Dil Raju made this movie without compromising anywhere. It is a commendable point that the hero uses the opportunity given by God to get on the right path, but the director should have taken it more effectively because this is his second time!!

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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