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Prince Movierulz

Prince Movierulz 'Jati Ratnalu' was released in theaters after Corona made the audience laugh. Director Anudeep KV scored a super hit with that movie. After that, he directed the movie 'Prince' (Prince Telugu Movie). Tamil hero Siva Karthikeyan is a straight Telugu film. Released in theaters today. Did it make you smile like 'Jati Ratnalu'? Or? How is the movie (Prince Telugu Review)?

Story (Prince Telugu Movie Story): Anand (Shiva Karthikeyan) is a school teacher. But... it doesn't go well. British sister Jessica comes to the same school as a teacher. Anand starts going to school every day for her. Both fall in love. When Anand thinks that his father Vishwanatham (Satyaraj) will get the green for the marriage... he gets a red signal. Viswanath does not agree to his son's marriage to a British woman. 

His love story brings more problems to the village. How did Anand convince the parents of the girl who loved her father as well as the people of the village? How did he bring the love story to the wedding? Why did the father come to the point of accepting the middle-born son as not his own? Must watch in theatres.


Analysis (Prince Movie Review): There is a problem with comedy movies. The audience focus is more on comedy than story. How did the artists perform? How's the comedy timing? Punchy dialogues explode? Or? is seen more. The comedy timing is good... If the punch dialogues are bursting then the mistakes are not much-taken care of. If there is less comedy... more complaints. Now why all this... In the case of Prince, complaints may come more from the audience.

Prince is not just a comedy movie. It also has a message. Keeping that message aside...the audience expects comedy from hero Siva Karthikeyan and director Anudeep. Comedy got a workout in some scenes. Majority of the scenes were not worked out. Anudeep, who created magic with 'Jathi Ratnalu', has once again failed to repeat such a feat. The characters of Naveen Polishetty, Faria Abdullah, and Rahul Ramakrishna are very special in Jati Ratnalu. 

He made the audience laugh in the theaters with his unique style of mannerisms. No such magic happened in the movie Prince. It does not mean that the director does not have talent. Some scenes at the beginning of the movie... the police station scene... again the monologue dialogue scene with the hero in the flagship scenes were written very well. If the rest of the movie had been like that, the result would have been different. In the same way that Jati Ratnalu has worked out, writing skits like Jabardast might not work out every time.

Songs by Jessica and Bimbilikki sung along with Taman's music are good. They are beautifully shot. However, the songs were not a part of the story but came as a brake in the middle. The hero and heroines danced well. The cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is good. Build values ​​are okay.


How did the actors do? : Siva Karthikeyan has done characters with such comedic timing in the past. As it was a habitual role, they went easy on it. This is the first film for the heroine Maria. Her smile is good. Shouldn't you expect more performance from a British girl!? Prem Ji gets some laughs in his role as a land-grabbing mafia don. Sathyaraj is ok. The rest of the actors acted according to their roles. But, among them, there are few faces known to the Telugu audience.

What is the final say? : Prince is also an ethnic gems type of film. However... comedy and emotions were not worked out in this film as they were worked out in that film. The first stop is ok. It has more dialogue...less comedy. Siva Karthikeyan's movie Don is a hit in Telugu too because it is not just a comedy... it has emotions too. Such emotions are missing in this movie. It is difficult for a movie to become a hit in Telugu.

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