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Banaras Movierulz

Banaras Movierulz: Kannada films are now enjoying the pan-India range. After 'KGF', the range of Kannada films changed. With the recent success of ``Vikrant Rona'' and ``Kantara'', everyone is interested in the films coming from there. Recently a new movie called `Banaras' will be released in Telugu with the same name. 

Zaid Khan, the son of Karnataka political leader Jameer Ahmed, is making his debut in this film. The film is produced by the director Jayathirtha, who became well known in Kannada with the film ``Bell Bottom''. Sonal Montero played the heroine. On Friday (November 4), the film was released in Kannada as well as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. Let's find out how the movie is in the review.


The film is set in Banaras (Varanasi). Siddharth makes a bet with his friends that he will fall in love with singer Dhani (Sonal Menterio). He meets her at a fair and tells her that he is an astronaut, a time traveler and that he has come from the future to the past. Moreover, he says that he met you because you are his future wife. In this order, he explains some theories related to the time traveler. 

Dhani believes him. He also takes her to his room. Siddharth wins a bet with friends by taking a photo with her on the bed at night. After that, they go abroad to enjoy themselves. Siddharth's friend accidentally shares a selfie with Dhani on the bed during the night and it goes viral on social media. 

Unable to bear the humiliation, Dhani, who has no mother, comes to her father's house in Banaras. Feeling guilty that he ruined the girl's life because of him, Siddharth comes to Banaras to confess his mistake and ask for forgiveness. Did Dhani forgive Siddharth? How did he fall in love? What is the story of time travel in Siddharth's life and what is the end of this story is the rest of the movie.



Films are coming intermittently in India and the South with the concept of time travel. Recently, ``Oke Ek Jeevan'' came up with such a concept. Recently, ``Banaras'' opened. But this is a different time-traveling story. It can be said that it is an experimental film. The film revolves around love, emotions, music, and time travel. With some surprising incidents, some love track goes on. 

Siddharth travels to Varanasi with his father's philosophy that there is peace of mind only in admitting his mistake and asking for forgiveness, Siddharth travels to Varanasi with Sambhu (Sujay Shastri) in search of her. Especially the role of Shambhu plays a major role in Varanasi. It is an entertaining role. The scenes between the two and the songs they sing to apologize to the heroine are fun. Impressive.

The first half feels a bit sluggish. But the Amma song sung by the heroine in Varanasi is emotional. Touches hearts. It gives some relief from the feeling of boredom. And in the second half, the whole movie goes with the concept of time travel. With this, the first half and the second half seem unrelated. Showing the same event three times in a time-traveling loop test the audience's patience here. 

Dhanini, her father, and her daughters are killed. That thing comes to Siddharth who is watching the movie in the theater. At first, Siddharth, who does not believe much, goes to save them thinking that the events are happening outside as if he had a dream, but they are already dead. Again it feels like a dream in the theater. 

Again he runs to protect them. He saves them the third time. But her father again explains that it is Lupe in time traveling and all this is an act of revenge for what Siddharth did with Dhani. He is a scientist. All will be relieved by being told that it is all an illusion and not true.

But the scenes related to time traveling in the second half are exciting throughout. Boring at the same time. Repeating the same event three times is new and tests patience. Confusion is created. It seemed good till the killing scenes, but after that the climax was dull. 

Doesn't sound convincing. After rushing for so long, they floated at the end. It seems like a conclusion that doesn't seem right. There is a feeling of being left without knowing what to do. But the scene where Sujay Shastri takes a photo of the heroines at the end as a death photographer touches the heart. 


The love musical journey where the music is mainly played in the movie is good. But the result of the movie would have been better if the concept of time traveling was done more clearly and better. The sentiment of Ammananna is the main strength of the movie.

Performance of the actors

A hero's first film will be a mass action entertainer and a brand new love story. But Zaid Khan's choice of an experimental film is different and shows his specialty. Even though it was his first film, he did it convincingly. Lover Boy looks good. Although he looks brilliant in the film, innocence is evident on his face. And Sonal Montero did very well in the role of Dhani. 

Emotions are well conveyed while remaining innocent. Her beauty in a romantic song is next level. Sujay Shastri as Sambhu is the highlight of the movie. He laughs and weeps all the while. The performances of Achyut Kumar as the heroine Baboy, Devaraj as the hero's father, Barkat Ali as Peter, and Swapnadat as the heroine Pinni are impressive.


It must be said that the film is technically perfect. Ajanish Loknath's music is the backbone of the movie. The BGM and music are awesome. Both songs are heart-touching. Advait Gurumurthy's camera work is another strength of the film. He made every frame rich and colorful. He showed Varanasi on another level. 

There are editing errors. Even the editor is understandably confused. NK Productions has produced without compromising production values. A lot of care towards the film is seen on the screen. The director is another asset of this movie, while his take in the second half is a minus. Logically the way the film is directed is good, but he misses the logic in many places. 

The concept of time traveling in particular is very complex. It is not possible to convince so easily, the effort put in by the director is visible. But more clarity has to be maintained in the second half. If there is any surprising thing at the end, the result of the movie would have been at the next level. Banaras Review

Finally, a musical love journey mixed with some emotions in the time-traveling backdrop. Connects to those who love experimenting.

Rating: 2.5

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