Hidimba 2023 Telugu Movie Review Ashwin Babu and Nandita Swetha


Hidimba Movie Review: Ashwin Babu, who made his film debut as anchor Omkar's younger brother, failed to get a proper hit after getting a good hit with a movie like Raju Gari Gadhi. This time he is coming to the audience with a movie called Hidimba along with director Anil Kanneganti who wants to get a hit no matter what. Actually, this movie was supposed to be released on the 20th i.e. tomorrow but special premieres were not only shown to the media but also special premieres were organized in many areas for the Telugu audience with faith in the movie. 

Apart from that, the trailer of this movie has increased everyone's interest. Also, a new concept called reverse trailer has been introduced and expectations have been raised about the movie. But how is this movie? Did it meet the audience's expectations? Or? Let's see it in the movie review

Hidimba Movie Story:

Girls are being kidnapped in Hyderabad. Inspector Abhay (Ashwin Babu), who is investigating the case, is unable to fully solve the case, and Adya (Nandita Shweta), who has committed a similar case in Kerala, is brought to the city. Together, the two work to figure out how the missing girls are missing. Suspicious of a man named Boya, Abhay enters the hostile Boya Adda. He saves some girls there. 

However, only one girl among the missing girls is there, as the identity of the others is not known, so it is clear that Boya is not the one behind these kidnappings. While investigating this kidnapping case, an unexpected clue to the murder is found. In this background, the story shifts to Kerala. Did you find out who is doing the kidnapping of Abhay and Adya who went to Kerala? Who is really kidnapping the girls? What is everyone doing to the girls who are being kidnapped? Hidimba actually? What does that mean? If you want to know the details, you have to watch this movie.

Hidimba Movie Analysis:

Generally, suspense thrillers or horror thrillers are not only Telugu audiences but audiences of all languages show interest. Movie lovers have the mentality of wanting to enjoy the whole movie while being scared on the other side. This movie is also made with a horror thriller concept. The film goes on like this: the girls go missing in the city, the case is investigated by the former lovers who broke up, and then the story shifts to Kerala. 

In fact, the director seems to have planned and chosen a non-linear concept so that the audience does not understand who is doing the kidnappings. If one scene is played in flashback then the next scene is shown to be happening in the present time. It does not mean that the editor is wrong in this matter or that he wrote the screenplay to be a director. In fact, it also seems that this is a movie that sharpens the audience's brain. But in some places, the audience can sense the scenes that are going to happen. 

How are the actual kidnappings? In order to find out, the director dragged them till the interval to catch a small clue behind them. The pace of the movie increases in the second half. Clues keep popping up right away, but it feels a bit clunky. It would have been better if the director had focused more on the screenplay while writing the story. 

There is no doubt that if the screenplay was racy, the outcome of the film would have been on another level. Also, although there are many characters in the movie, it seems that none of them are fully utilized. The twist in the climax of the second half will shock everyone. But some people guess but it is difficult to fully predict the climax. The second half is a plus point for the whole movie. This is a must-watch movie for all those who love thriller movies.


Hidimba Movie Actors Performance:

Compared to the previous films, Ashwin Babu's performance in this film has improved. He has also tuned his body well in the role of a police officer. He has tuned his body to suit the role of a police officer. Nandita Shweta also acted in a role similar to the hero and felt that she had done a good film in her career. Her role is similar to that of the hero. 

But Makarand Desh Pandey, who played a key role, acted in a range. It is no exaggeration to say that he lived rather than acted. Makarand Deshpande's character brings tears to his eyes while watching. Sanjay, Raghu Kunche, Srinivasa Reddy, and Vidyullekha Raman who acted in the other roles acted according to the scope of their roles. But comedians like Srinivasa Reddy and Vidyullekha Raman could not do comedy for some reason. I thought it would be better to create a comedy track for them.

Hidimba Movie Technical Department:

When it comes to the technical department, the storyline chosen by director Anil Kanneganti is very good, but he is a bit hesitant in bringing it to the audience. If this movie is brought to the audience by taking care of the screen and paying more attention to the editing, the result will be different. The background score brings life to the entire film. In some scenes, the BGM will send shivers down your spine. The cinematography also serves to elevate the movie very well. Art director Sharmila Elishetti's work is seen in every frame.

Plus points

  • A selected story
  • Climax
  • BGM

  • Minus points
  • Screenplay
  • Songs that I don't remember much

Bottom line

Hidimba is a perfect weekend watch for all those who love thriller genre movies. If you watch it in theaters with a good sound system, the experience is on a different level.

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