Nayakudu 2023 Telugu Dubbed Tamil Movie Review, starring Udayanidhi Stalin, Keerthy Suresh, Fahadh Fazil, Vadivelu


Nayakudu: Movie Review

Actors; Vadivelu, Udayanidhi Stalin, Pahad Fazil, Keerthy Suresh, Lal, Raveena, Ravi etc.

Music; AR Rahman

Photography; Honey is Ishwar

Production; Red Joint Films, Asian Movies, Suresh Productions

Directing; Mari Selvaraj

Last year dubbed films like Kantara release 2018 received good results in Telugu. Ma Mannan, which was a success in Tamil, was translated into Telugu. The film is titled Nayakaya by Suresh Productions, Asian Movie House. The film was brought to the audience today.

Nayakudu Movie Story:

Thimmaraju (Vadivelu) is an MLA from a backward caste. His son Raghuveera (Udhayanidhi Stalin) who lost his friends at an early age and died due to caste discrimination, is angry at the injustice done to him but his father could not do anything. Neither of them spoke for 15 years. In that order, Ratnavelu (Pahad Faasil) who is an MLA in his party, faces discrimination from his family. 

Veer accidentally has a fight with Ratna Velu's Anna. Thimmaraju went to the family to solve the problem and was humiliated there. With this, Raghuveera turns on Ratnavelu. The quarrel became big and Ratna Velu vowed to kill both the father and the sons. What happened after that? The rest of the story is how the sons of this father got the upper hand on Ratnavelu.


Nayakudu Movie Analysis:

Tamil Nadu is one of the states in South India where caste opposition is strong. There is a centuries-old history of discrimination and atrocities against Dalits. Although the situation has improved somewhat in the past decades, the atrocities still occur. There are many directors who have made films against the backdrop of caste discrimination. In this generation, all the films of Pa. Ranjith are going on like this. It was he who introduced Mari Selva Raju. 

Mamannan is a film made by Selvaraj following the path of Guru. It came into Telugu with the name Nayaka. Along with a thought-provoking story, Nayaka also has a commercial touch to keep the audience interested. Heroism can also be seen. Those scenes are emotionally connected. There is a great message. Tamil nativity is high. The film is worth watching once, it seems.

Vadivelu Ananga is a good comedian we remember. His comedy in many Tamil translated films including Chandramukhi is amazing. He came out of his comedy image and his performance is mind blowing. From the very first scene, the audience will fall in love with the character. On the other hand, having a strong actor like Fahadh Faasil is another plus point for Nayaka film. 

Both of them anchored the film with their respective performances. It's a bit awkward to see a hero with less expression like Udaya Stalin between the two brilliant performers. Earlier when he acted in the movie OK OK, it was a comedy film so Nidhi's action was enough. Udayini, who became a rebel in relation to the pain she suffered, could have played a milder role that would have been elevated. He couldn't pretend to have a facial expression, to show the pain and conflict in his heart. If Fahadh is trying to raise the level of the movie, Udaya Nidhi seems to be dragging him down.

Mari Selvaraj has shown the caste discrimination, arrogance of the upper castes and inequalities very well in this film. If not, it is hard to believe that the conditions shown in the movie still exist in Tamil Nadu. Is it still that intense? There is a doubt that. The Telugu audience may not be able to experience the things shown in it. 

But anyone who sees the scene of backward caste boys jumping into the well of the temple spoiling the water and throwing stones at them and taking their lives must be moved. Despite being an MLA, Mari Selvaraj has shown his talent in tying the story to the original story of the film, but standing in front of the upper castes. Even though he is the son of an MLA, things like raising pigs for the hero seemed very new. 


The episode leading up to the turning point is the highlight of the episode. But the second half does not progress as per the leader's expectations. The routine screenplay goes on as the hero overcomes the hurdles faced by the villain by his father. The film, which is realistic from the beginning, feels a bit dramatic towards the end. 

The hero's father giving a speech and getting the position is very normal. Seeing the way the story has been handled up to a point, we think how much better the climax will be. But nothing like that happens. But the feeling of watching a meaningful and different movie is felt.

Nayakudu Movie Actors Performance:

The angle we have seen Vadivelu till now is different. In this film we will see his performance from a different angle. He played his role brilliantly. This movie proves how great his acting is. Vadivelu, who is in a hurry to do comedy characters, has done a great job in this film. His performance will be remembered for a long time. Fahad leaves a strong impression in the first scene itself. Udayanidi Stalin's performance is average. The director did not understand why he was chosen. Keerthy Suresh's performance is average. Lal is impressive in the role of Chief Minister.

Nayakudu Movie Technical category:

Nayyak is different compared to AR Rahman's movies. After Ponnayan Selvam's film, he made his mark in this film. The background score is impressive. Rahman's songs seemed to be unremarkable. Theni Sekhar Chaya Grahanam is good. Build values are good. Mari Selvaraj has made a movie that is intense in his style. But a little commercial touch has become too much. The talent of the director is evident in some scenes of the movie.

In a word, Nayaka film is interesting and thought-provoking.

Rating: 2.75/5

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